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Pursuit Consulting encourages all its clients seeking medical aesthetic procedures to consider its Services Plan as part of their healing and restoration goal. Pursuit Consulting ’s Aftercare Plan is designed to assist our clients’ in achieving a safe and rapid recovery after their procedures. In a comfortable and discreet retreat client are offered personalized services, which include:

  • - Select your Surgeon
  • - Plan your trip
  • - Round the clock or partial nursing care
  • - Pain management
  • - Wound care
  • - Personalized menu plans designed to promote effective healing and
  • - Logistical requirements

Our Aftercare Services Plan is an effective way of ensuring your safe and supervised convalescence.
Pursuit Consulting would be pleased to assist you in planning your after-procedure care services and by extension assist in making your experience of transformation a memorable and lasting one.
Kindly, contact us through the following media to request a personalized plan for your aftercare and comfort

The Process

Step 1 : The Consultation
Step 2 : The Booking
Step 3 : The Makeover
Step 4 : The Recovery