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Laser Hair Removal

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Removing unwanted hair in areas is embarrassing for some people. We are aware of the traditional methods of hair removal. Unfortunately, this method is only a temporary solution as these methods can cause other skin concerns, ingrown hairs, infection, and razor bumps.
Laser Hair Removal removes unwanted hair faster with long-lasting results when it is done by a qualified professional, in the correct setting and the right laser hair removal device.
For the best results, more than 4 sessions are recommended over a period to achieve desired results.
• Facial hair
• Underarm
• Arms
• Stomach
• Bikini
• Legs


The laser handpiece is designed to target and treat the hair follicle by heat and direct energy to the hair follicle.
With new technology, all skin types can benefit from laser hair removal.

Treated by: Therapist
Length of treatment:
Small areas: 15min-30min
Large areas: 60min-90min
Downtime: low

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