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Planning For Your Reopening

Where do we go from here? Social distancing is trending and will not slow down any time soon. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions and when it comes to the beauty and wellness industry. People, in general, are more cautious and more hygiene alert.

Business has closed its doors completely due to no incoming revenue.I am sure most business owners are thinking of ways to tailor and adjust their businesses according to the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions.

We have covered the main areas on how your business can generate revenue during the lockdown and how to prepare and be fully operational once lockdown has been lifted.


We need to shift our thinking and remind ourselves thatbusiness is not over because business will resume but with a revised mindset and vision. Take this time whilst your salon, spa, or wellness business is closed to rechoreograph your schedules, service offerings and rolls out for after lockdown.


Your clients need to maintain their skincare at home, they still need advice and recommendations Many Product brands have openedan online purchasing platform to the public and sales have doubled over this period.

If your salon or spa sells retail products, keep your online store open during COVID-19! As long as you’ve got supply, your customers will bring the demand—after all, if they are used to your massage oil, shampoo, or essential oils, they’ll want those familiar products for at-home even when they can’t visit you in person. Need assistance with retail ideas?


This is a good time for owners to learn more about what more your current software or productbrands have to offer and build a post-virus launch plan.


If your small business remains open, you may need to reconsider how or where you arereaching your customers. We follow strict guidelines provided by government and body associations. If no social distancing limitations are in place, you may still want to reduce services that require contact.  

If your business is hyper-specialized or offers a limited number  of services to start with, consider reducing availability to only have one or two customers at your business at a time and adding more time between appointments to allow for in-depth cleaning. Rethink your treatment room layouts to take into consideration distancing between clients.


A cancellation fee is an industry best practice during typical business operations, but it may encourage clients who are not feeling 100% or who might  have COVID-19 to persist  and make it to their service now. Make sure your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they are not feeling well. 


It will not help anyone if your team shows up to work feeling unwell. Make it explicitly clear to your employees that you expect them to take care of themselves and not come into work if they are feeling under the weather. They will be setting a great example for other consumers and the industry. 


You may already be cleaning your salon or spa regularly but think about what spaces you are missing or opportunities to put your clientele at ease. 


Consider how your customers are communicating with you, and how you are keeping in touch with them. Think about automating content updates to your customers via email if you need to enact any of the strategies above. For example, if you’re reducing your availability, you can target your customers who are most likely to be affected by an email through the Marketing Suite. Another idea is to leverage artificial intelligence to allow customers to text to cancel or reschedule their appointments. 


We are used to traditional methods and think that we are only able to close sales when a client comes into your salon. If you have been practicing and have retained a good clientele, whatever strategies you put into place, it is necessary to guide your client through the new journey. Your relationship and recommendation will be acknowledged, and clients will keep supporting you. What can you offer your clients whilst they are at home?

Advise them on the right products to use between facials? Massage therapists have an opportunity to talk to their customers about self-care and can begin setting up video consultations with their regular clients. 

Stay connected

Keep InTouch with your client.Be consistent on social media, build a different newsletter with resources, and consider using video to offer one on one appointments or consultations. Offer the advice you would give an in-person client, online.  

This is an exceedingly difficult time for Salon and Spa owners, so it’s important to stay connected with others as you’re not alone. We need to change our mindset and learn to share our content and strategies.