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Chemical Peel
Skin Surfacing

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Superficial Skin peels have become a popular treatment, the results are effective and demonstrate evidence in the improvement of the skin’s appearance and the restoration of a more youthful look.
Skin peels are formulated to treat lines and wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores, dull complexion, rough skin, acne, blemishes, and uneven skin.
These treatments renew the skin by removing dead cells from the skin surface and stimulating new cell growth.
The most used chemicals are salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acid. Skin Peel results vary depending on the strength used by the professional.
Treatment plans are tailor-made according to your skin concern and condition.


Depending on your treatment plan, these treatments are normally performed two weeks or 4 weeks apart. For more targeted concerns micro-needling or laser treatments may be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Treated by: Therapist
Length of treatment: 30-45min
Downtime: low

Deeper Peels 
Treated by: Doctor
Length of treatment: 60mins
Downtime: Medium

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