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The phase Knowledge is power will always have a huge impact on one’s ability to grow in their line of work. As professionals, we are given the based fundamentals to help improve our client’s wellness and aesthetic appearance. How we communicate this knowledge across to our clients require the correct tools and experience. we help managers & therapist identifying what makes a good professional manager, therapist or nail tech and how to apply this knowledge day to day. This two-day training session allows the students to challenge their weakness and strengths on a practical level. Follow up reviews are done two weeks and one month for three months. The right staff, attitude and correct tools, you will be able sure to deliver excellent service.

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Retail and Sale Training

Keeping in line with industry standards. Every individual can perfect their performance. Therapist are required to reach high targets however mat not given the correct tools or assistance to help reach these targets. With the correct skills, Pursuit Consulting has formulated the perfect tools to improve sales.

1. Why targets are important
2. Why understanding the business values and vision is important
3. The importance of time management
4. Best tools to reminder your products
5. How to manage your client expectations
6. Self-development

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Management Training

Managing a team can be very challenging at times and requires hand on dedication. Pursuit Consulting delivers a well-structured solution to guide managers to take their team and clinic to the next level of excellence.

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Turnkey Solutions

More and more professionals are converting their salons to Medical Aesthetic Clinics or Medi Spas. This conversion is not only good for business but enables professionals to offer a larger range of treatments.
The conversation may be smooth sailing and others may find it extremely challenging. Pursuit Consulting has formulated hands-on programs for Professionals that need assistance in building a successful Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Medi Spa.
We offer the following Four innovative solutions to help your spa perform at its true potential

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