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Body Contouring

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Body contouring is a method of removing unwanted fat and tightening excessive skin. There are two types of body contouring treatment: invasive and non- invasive treatments.
Both treatments are recommended on a variety of clinical diagnosis.. Non-invasive body contouring treatments with surgery, or not, are recommended and can include a course of treatment pre and post-operative which can speed up the healing process and assist with maintaining results.
This treatment is a monopolar RF (Radiofrequency) system to incorporate ultrasonic energy and controlled cooling in a handpiece. It delivers lasting and measurable results in this breakthrough non-surgical aesthetic system. All areas can be easily treated and improved. The treatment also complements pre- and post-treatment in invasive liposuction techniques. This face or body treatment can postpone or eliminate the need for invasive surgery. It delivers deep volumetric heating for the reduction of excessive fat deposits. The mechanical effect of ultrasound helps separate the fat cell clusters.


Treatable area: 

  • • Face
  • • Neck
  • • Upper arm
  • • Stomach
  • • Love handles
  • • Upper and lower back
  • • Thighs
  • • Buttocks 
Treated by: Therapist
Length of treatment: 30-45min
Downtime: low

Acoustic Wave Therapy 
Using the powerful energy of acoustic waves, x-wave, achieves the best results in non- invasive treatment of: Cellulite, Loose skin, Scars, and Stretch Marks.
Scientifically proven and clinically tested The Acoustic Wave Therapy has been scientifically proven in various medical treatments.
The radial soft waves were successfully modified to the clinical needs of cellulite therapy and for the treatment of other aesthetic conditions such as scars and stretch marks. A lower energy level is used to avoid tissue damage. The waves penetrate the tissue affecting a large treatment area. The tissue relaxes and stretches as a result in which the firmness and elasticity of the dermis increases. Blood circulation and collagen production in the tissues is significantly stimulated. Acoustic wave therapy thus has a complex multilayer effect.

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